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<LINK> Navigation Bar

The <LINK> Navigation Bar or LinkBar is a toolbar for the Internet Explorer on Windows, designed to visualize the link information provided in the HTML <LINK> elements.

This LINK information may lead to the previous or next page, the table of contents, or an alternative version of the page, for example the German translation or a print version of this particular web page.

There is a more detailed explanation of the <LINK> element by Sander Tekelenburg on his homepage:

Remark: Since I do not use the Internet Explorer anymore, I stopped working on the <LINK> Navigation Bar. Some time ago I switched to Mozilla Firefox which has a Google searchbar and a Popup-Blocker already included. There are also many Addons for Firfox, and Link Widgets is an Addon that does the same as <LINK> Navigation Bar.

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LinkBar comes with English, German and French text.

Additional features:


LinkBar Screenshot
The screenshot displays a German page and a German version of the toolbar.

The icons are from left to right:

Following is the system menu of the toolbar with the options, where in addition, all further references appear.

Then you can see the popup blocker, titled with "n blocked", where n is the number of blocked popup windows since last installation. You can enable/disable it with a click on this button. If you want to disable it temporarily, hold down the CTRL or SHIFT key and click on a link.

At the right is the search bar. You can search with Google or eBay or any other search engine that you have added.

System requirements

LinkBar should run on PCs with Internet Explorer 5.0 or better and one of the following operation systems:


Newest version: (all come with English, German and French text)


If you have questions or suggestions to the program or the web page, mail to: Phygon@gmx.de

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